“Repas Communal Invitation”: The Mayor invites you to his Community meal.


Bouillon de boeuf – ( beef soup )

Assiette Paysanne – ( paté and salad )

Ris de Veau – ( veal  sweetmeat in pastry  case)

Sanglier à la broche et ses legumes – (barbecued wild boar and vegetables )

Plateau de Fromages – (cheese board )

Assortiment de desserts – ( assortment of desserts )

Café – ( coffee )


Bordeaux Rosé, demi sec

Bordeaux Rosé

Bordeaux Superior- traditionally made

Prix de repas: €10.00  Repas gratuit pour les personnes de > 70 ans et pour les enfants <12 ans.(Price of meal €10.00  Meal free for persons over 70 years and under 12 years)



Take;  1. A big handful of local farmers, in sunday best, accompanied by their  smiling wives.  2. One measure of retired professor bringing intellect to the table.  3. One sifted neighbour with his wife, three children, mother, sister, brother in law and granny.  4. A pinch of english folk, to pepper the conversation with franco- anglais.  5. A bowl of blended council gardener and council members for harmony.  6. Several bottles of wine producers, who are loved by all because they bring extra bottles for consumption gratuite.  7. A sprig of  herb from Haute Savoie.  8. Last but not least, la creme de la creme, Monsieur Le Maire who has carefully prepared, and will deliver his speech on solidarity.

Throw all the ingredients into the salle de fete (village hall )  and simmer. Serve with an aperitif, a six course meal, several glasses of rosé or red wine, or both, and finish with sparkly.

The end result is a taste of conviviality, neighbourly love and as Monsieur Le Marie did say – “solidarity”.


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