Forests and fields : february and march

Following the woodcutter

sunlight seeks its reflection

soil absorbs its warmth

and lilac comfrey blooms.

Woodland of Rimons Commune.
Woodland of Rimons.

Wood pile stacks up high

while fragrant resin lingers

broken scattered branches

over orange leaves lay.

Woodland of Caumont
Woodland of Caumont.

In rich brown soil

and furrows deep

the tractor knits

a patchwork quilt.

Farmlands near Monsegur 33.
Farmlands near Monsegur 33.

Vineyard house.

In every field and vineyard

a little house remembers

the vineyard labourers

sheltering from the rain

lighting fires in the chimney

eating saucisson and bread

washed down with a little swig of wine.


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