Haymeadows : solstice June

Butterflies aflight midst golden grasses, whilst first harvest reaped in solstice June..


Host of fluttering angels alight
dancing with daisies
feasting on thistle flower
talking to tall grasses
swaying in haymeadow heaven.

Haymeadow to ancient windmill.
From haymeadow to ancient windmill.

 Haymeadow circle eternal
binding sunlight of summer
with soft air kisses,
and love tear rainfall
with milk of soil, suckling.

Then with alchemic fire force
our daily bread
he forms.


Grasses ripple time backwards
images vividly evoking
childhood butterfly fields.

In flight

Remembering the humble caterpillar, without whom we could not run through butterfly fields.

PS. I could not resist bringing photos and poems from ‘Simply Snapshots’ to add them to ‘Between Two Tides’ in harmony with its calender theme.

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