Monets Waterlilies : Latour-Marliac

Claude Monet took a stroll through the Paris Universal Exhibition in 1889. That year, Gustav Eiffel presented his Eiffel Tower, and Joseph Bory Latour-Marliac, his hybrid waterlilies. Monet fell in love with his lilies, and was immediately inspired to create a waterlily pond in his own garden.

Latour-Marliac had previously set up his propagation garden in 1875 at his home, Giverny, near Temple sur Lot. Here he crossed a white european waterlily with other species from across the world, and created a collection of hardy waterlilies in shades from pale yellow, to fuschia through to red. His method remains a mystery.

After their meeting in Paris, Monet corresponded with Latour-Marliac. They became friends, and Monet regularly purchased waterlilies to furnish his pond.

‘Le Jardin des Nénuphars’ of Latour-Marliac thrives today, and continues to propagate, cultivate, and sell waterlilies, and lotus. It was here that we bought a Monet waterlily, for our humble garden pond.

NB. Photographs taken at a beautiful waterlily pond near Pellegrue, L’Entre Deux Mers.
Referenced information from Latour-Marliac ‘Le Jardin des Nénuphars’.


8 thoughts on “Monets Waterlilies : Latour-Marliac

  1. When I wrote my July post, I mentioned that water lilies are also considered the months flower with delphiniums and larkspurs. I mentioned Monet’s paintings of water lilies. This was a great post. 🙂


  2. Water lilies are so beautiful. Great post. I did not even know that Monet had drawn such a picture.

    I have a weird thought here:
    I saw a pond of water lilies in China being featured in a serial drama about the Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. After that, I got so intrigued by ponds of water lilies, and I started wondering where I could find a real one and swim in it.

    I think it did feel extremely awkward to swim in a pond of water lilies. Furthermore, I am not sure if it would be poisonous or have harmful organisms swimming underneath.

    Haha. I hope my strange thought does not scare you.


    1. According to wikipaedia, water lilies are edible, their small leaves and buds can be cooked as vegetables, their seeds ground like flour. The waterlily ponds I have seen seem to be very clean, and fish and frogs live happily. I suppose you’ve nothing to worry about. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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  3. Oh I have several inexpensive Monet prints and just adore them. This was such an interesting article you have written. And the photos are stunning.


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