Golden Leo days

Days are hot, storms brew,
the Lion roars forth his energy to seed,
and life turns golden.

lies in fulsome fields
of golden bread.

A farmer keeps making the old rectangular hay bales because, he tells us, they are easy to carry, and to portion, when feeding his ponies.
I love them because they remind me of summer holidays in my childhood, and hay houses.

In sun worship
sunflower faces follow
spirals golden rule.

Day ending,
a golden horizon,
his promise to return.

10 thoughts on “Golden Leo days

  1. Those are such beautiful photos. Bring back many childhood memories of the hay bales.
    But it is the sunflowers that just cause me to really smile. Will consider those photos anytime I purchase birdseed, sunflower oil, or a healthy snack. Thank you.

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  3. Beautiful pictures! the golden and beige… and the sunflowers are the most beautiful, I love them and miss them here in Caribbean. Blessings!


  4. Beautiful! I decided to look at an old post and july being my birth month, it was as good as any other to pick, and half way through the age of your blog. What a lovely surprise to see a leo mention! Lovely poems and great pics too!

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