Belle Ushita

Jean Michel helped bring Ushita into the world nineteen years ago. The moment she was born, he spoke “Ushita”. It was chosen unconsciously, but the Italian name ‘Uscita’ means ‘way out’ or, ‘to come out’.

She grew up to be a beautiful pony,  chestnut coloured, with a white heart on her forehead, and white socks. She is considered an exceptionally fast runner, and very intelligent too.  She can quickly become nervous, and with a habit of being an escapee, who no sooner out of her field, begins to perspire in a hot state be back in her secure place.

Ushita has not had the opportunity to have her own young. Instead she became mother, and protector of her little flock of sheep. One particular day that I remember, a lamb somehow escaped the field, unnoticed by his mother. Despite his cries, she was far across the field, and did not hear him. My attempts to help only panicked the lamb more. So I called Ushita, also far across the field, for I knew she would answer. And so she did. Her ears pricked, then in a fraction of a second she understood what was happening, and she raced across the field to rescue her adopted baby, panic in her countenance. Finally, mother realised that something was wrong, and ran after her. Before I knew how, the lamb found his way back into the field, and Ushitas flock was reunited.

This was not the first time that Ushita showed herself as being so bright, and compassionate. It was yet another example, but it has stood out in my mind, because it was so strongly emotive, and immediately responsive, to not only the lamb in danger, but to me also. My love for her expanded immeasurably. It seems to me, she is a fine example of an animal who has beauty in her heart, as well as in her physique.

For the last two years our “Belle Ushita”, has been living on a farmstead, not far from us, in a spacious valley with a small herd of ponies and donkeys, cared for by a lovely couple who keep many types of animals. She forgave us, and is very happy, especially as she now has a ‘husband’.

Ushita right, and her 'husband', left.
Ushita right, and her ‘husband’, left.


4 thoughts on “Belle Ushita

  1. “Belle Ushita” has such a sweet, sensitive soul. She appears intelligent and loving. Once you described her saving the baby lamb, by calling her to help, this confirmed she is smart! I am glad she forgave you for sending her to another farm, V. I am happy to see her paired up with a partner who looks handsome and matches her beauty. 🙂 Is 19 too old to have a foal? ♡

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