Winter white flowers

Winter white flowers
soft snowflakes reminisce
new year bliss.

snowdrops and hyacinths 032

In winter deep
toward the sky
the snowdrops reach.

Bringing happiness, the snow hyacinth is the first flower to bloom in our garden. Its perfume is heady, though we must kneel down to recieve.

Dear Daphne,
your heart of innocence
in all honesty
is sweetness divine.

snowdrops and hyacinths 037

11 thoughts on “Winter white flowers

  1. This bouquet of thoughts accompanied by beautiful and delicate white flowers just gave me such a breath of fresh air. Peaceful white flowers just seem so sweet! Hope you are having a lovely week, V.♡

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  2. Oh these are such lovely flowers. Bring back memories of these varieties of bulbs run wild around old foundations. Just gorgeous and a perfect contribution to this January morning. Thank you.

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