La Galette des Rois : Kings cake

It is the twelfth day of Christmas, the baubles are taken down from the tree, and the family is slightly sad. However, there is one last celebration, for it is the day to call the Three Kings to witness baby Jesus in the stable, ‘ l’Epiphanie.’ So, they will share, and eat of La Galette des Rois ( Kings cake ).

Sylvie, Thomas and Sophie wait impatiently for the hour of ‘goûter’, the four o’clock ‘taste’. Maman has bought the Kings cake, and it sits at the centre of the table. Sugary, flaky layers of pastry, and sticky frangipan in the middle. On top of the cake sits a golden paper crown, studded with red and green gems. Hidden inside is ‘la féve’, a tiny porcelain figurine. Who, or what will it be, and who shall find it? And who will wear the crown?

For once, Sophie is happy to be the smallest, for she is called by Maman to hide under the table, and call out the one who will have the first slice of cake, “Tomas”, next “Papa”, then “Silvie”, then “Maman”, and finally, “Moi”!

Out from under the table, she is handed her plate, carrying her slice. With mischievous glances at one another, each bites cautiously, and peer into their cake. Nothing. Another bite. Nothing. And yet another bite. Suddenly Sylvie squeals, “Elle et pour moi!” She points at her cake, and there it is, a little star. On it is painted a tiny red brown fox with a bushy tail, and yellow dots as stars. Sylvie is delighted, and holds it up for all to see.

Ceremoniously Maman takes the golden crown, and lays it on Sylvie’s head, for she has been elected the Queen of the day, and she will have, whatever she wants!

galette de rois 021

‘La Galette des Rois’ will be shared between family, friends, and colleagues, from l’Epiphanie to the eve before Lent..

12 thoughts on “La Galette des Rois : Kings cake

  1. I love this! I read a few similar descriptions of the ceremony and recipes for the cake this past week, and it sounds like fun. Maybe next year I’ll have to pretend to be French and adopt this custom 🙂

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  2. My family never took our trees down until the Epiphany and Episcopal Church would hold special services in Cleveland, bigger diocese. My local church is Presbyterian due to really friendly congregation. My kids liked some of their celebrations. Hugs, Robin ♡

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  3. This was so nice that your husband felt you told the story exactly how it used to go. I liked the joy that Sophie felt at being able to choose the order of cake pieces and Sylvie who found the fox on the ceramic star in her cake slice, which meant she was the one to wear the crown. ◇ ☆I also enjoyed how gracious Sophie was for her sister to be queen for the day. I ran out of time before work to write my thoughts out, dear V. ♡

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