Feathered friends

Our feathered friends live in the sheeps field, where they happily roam over a hectare of grass, feeding and scratching under the sun of the southwest..

hens,and sheep 075

Black hen is agile and smart. She knows how to jump over the fence to graze in the abundant garden, where in fact, she is not allowed. There she finds the best to eat, but she keeps a beady eye out for the giants. If they catch her, they make loud noises, and she must be ready to run as fast as her legs can carry her, back to the edge of the abundant garden, back over the fence, to pretend that she never left the sheeps field at all.

black hen, laying hen 002

Grey hen is a plump, broody beauty. But she has a tendency to get grumpy at bedtime, so she pecks black hen until her neck is raw and sore. She takes her egg laying very seriously, sometimes hiding them under bushes, but the giants always find and take them. Grey hen is too plump to jump over the fence, so she waits until the gate is left open, and then as they say, she “makes hay while the sun shines”.

black hen, laying hen 010

The three Cou-nu sisters are new to the family, and they are always together. Being sociable creatures they quickly became friends with the older hens, adapting to their routine. Despite their strange naked features, they are the favourite hen of the region for their busy, gentle, and well behaved countenance.

hens,and sheep 053

The sheep seem to love the hens, protecting them from the fox at night. That is, as long as they stay away from the daily titbits brought by the giants. And we, the giants, love our feathered friends too. They are adorable, amusing and give us large, rich and truly yellow yolked eggs.

hen on sheep, 008

20 thoughts on “Feathered friends

  1. I enjoyed this post so much. I grew up with chickens..my Mom had an egg route…as well as having chickens a various times over the years. They really do have such individualized personalities.
    Miss those deeply yellowed yolked eggs!

    Thank you.

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  2. Lovely post! This makes me miss my chickens (my gals). I had many types. My favourite was a Rhode Island Red, she was hen-pecked by the others, but she was most intelligent and friendly, I didn’t give her a name but was very upset when she died. I feel sad each time I buy eggs from the supermarket now.

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  3. My son raised a few chicks/laying hens…one surprised us by growing up to be a rooster! Now our dear daughter-in-law supplies us with lovely brown-shelled, yellow-yolked treasures.

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  4. The hens who are close to one another warm my heart, like sisters. Veronica, the shiny feathers and pretty colors of chickens and hens attracted my eyes. My good friend has a stepmother who has chickens. I receive eggs of blue, brown and tan with speckles and all taste fresh and rich. Thank you for this post, V. ❤


  5. I loved this. I grew up with hens and roosters roaming about. It was always a favorite time for me as a child when the hens roamed with baby chick’s in tow, and me following behind. Such memories came back to me reading this. Thank you:) And great photos!!

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