Sun, sand and the Atlantic Ocean


Above, below, beyond, within,
where elements blend and blur,
the eye can glimpse Infinity.

daisy field,seaside,landes house, bluebells,horses, 296

Sometimes we long to see the Ocean. That is when we follow the sun, leave L’Entre Deux Mers behind us, drive through hectares of conifers in the plantations of the Landes forest, and three hours later, as the soil turns to sand, we know we are near the longest, and most beautiful shore I have ever seen.

daisy field,seaside,landes house, bluebells,horses, 274

It extends three hundred kilometres along the Southwest edge of France, from the port of La Rochelle, breaking briefly at the Gironde estuary, and the Bassin d’ Arcachon, ending at the rocks of Biarritz, near the Spanish border.

The Altantics currents run strong, its waves break hard and furious, uninterrupted onto beautiful pale yellow sands, while behind the conifers of the Landes forest root its shifting grains. In winter people walk, fly kites and surf, and in summer sea temperatures of 20°C, children splash.

daisy field,seaside,landes house, bluebells,horses, 294

 Salty, blue sea smells,
saturate my lungs,
distil my spirit,
a pure surge,
of waves pound the shore,
where dancing footprints,

daisy field,seaside,landes house, bluebells,horses, 301

24 thoughts on “Sun, sand and the Atlantic Ocean

  1. The ocean is able to pull at my heartstrings. One part of my grandparents history was from the fjords in Sweden, his parents brought him to Massachusetts, along the Atlantic Ocean, V. So, when he and his wife retired it was to live along the Gulf, where there are milder winters and still salt water. I really liked the endless ocean and beauty in the clean sand you captured and shared today. 🙂

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  2. Great photos and narrative. There is nothing better than a day at an Atlantic Ocean Beach. Yours is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. 📮

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  3. I am so thrilled to have discovered your blog! I too am an Ocean Person, any water in fact, though I am afraid of water. Also in my family is an ocean-going past. Your photos are spectacular…and I so enjoy your writing style. Oh… and I adore your poem, Infinity. May I use the quote (identified of course as yours) in my own blog? I would like to use it as a featured quotation in my blog. 🙂


    Above, below, beyond, within,
    where elements blend and blur,
    the eye can glimpse Infinity.

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      1. thanks. I LOVE that poem you wrote. Once I remarked to my husband how fascinating it was that my own eye’s line of sight traveled out into deep space and beyond. He just said “You’re nuts!” In fact I have a poem on my own that I wrote about that very thing…:-) It’s long and kinda silly… maybe a search “moon” will turn it up. Yes…please do stop over to “Sometimes” soon.

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