Cleave unto the fields

Cleave unto the fields,
And you shall find..

daisy field,seaside,landes house, bluebells,horses, 361

where heavy horses,
flick away flies,
for swooping swallows.


      Cleave poem

   With elegant stance  :  The dancers wait,
     Their graceful gait  :  Pensively poised,
   Feathery white forms  :  Dimmed in shadow,
             Sway in motion  :  Gauze skirts rustle,
     Till startled glance  :  The chord strikes,
Their wings unfold  :  Feet take flight,
           And Egrets fly  :  Into stage lights.


Deers can be seen often in these parts. Except it is very unusual to see seven cleaved. Yet here they are, grazing peacefully in a safe field where hunters are forbidden. The only shots taken this beautiful moment were with my camera as I crept close, and hid behind the thin hedge until one beheld me, and then they fled.

16 thoughts on “Cleave unto the fields

      1. Ha. Her prompts are so interisting, most of which I’ve never seen before it always takes me forever to work through with life happening. I’m happy to see I’m not the only one that have stuff lingering in draft:)

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  1. This is just such a peaceful post you have so lovingly created. I have never seen or heard of a Cleave Poem before and what a great introduction yours was to the form. Thank you. 📮

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