Le Tilleul : The Lime

The Lime tree is a dozen decades old. Despite being lopsided and unelegant, he is a popular fellow for he gives shelter to the flowers that grow at his feet, a place for the birds to perch, and the spider to weave..

daisy field,seaside,landes house, bluebells,horses, 213
Wonderful web of spiders grace,
Sparkles reflective colours of life,
Crafted crystalline light.

snake, huppe, 069
Mid April and a very special visitor arrives, the exotic Huppé. I dream of Africa when I see his dusky pink colour, and zebra stripped wing. His closed crest and curved beak remind me of a pick axe, and he uses his beak just so as he digs for bugs in the soil. From time to time his crest flares open like a fan. His name ‘Huppé’ means ‘crested’, and the locals call him ‘Hoopou’ as does the english language, mimicking his call.

The most lovable characteristic of the Huppé, is the comportment of his young. Each chick in turn presents himself at the entrance of the nest. When he recieves his portion of food, he returns to the back of the queue to wait until he moves to the front again for his next meal. A more civilised creature there could not be.

Here the Huppé is perched in the Lime, while a Bullfinch flits from branch to branch in an agitated manner, clearly protecting his nest.

star, monsegur,rosesdoor,swallows, 144

Under shade of Lime,
A pungent odour rises,
Tis Springs herb,
Wild garlic.

star, monsegur,rosesdoor,swallows, 150

As leaves unfurl, I feel,
The Limes promise,
A somnolent Summer shade.

21 thoughts on “Le Tilleul : The Lime

  1. Great photos. I love hoopoes – they were often around the golf courses when I lived in Portugual. They are a natural predator of the pine procesionary caterpillar which are epidemic after a long hot summer following floods.

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    1. I love them too. I never saw one before I lived here. I think they like digging in the ground for some sort of unground larva or pupa, that eventually comes out of the ground to fly up around the trees. The bats love them. Another new strange discovery.

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  2. The perfect symmetry of the spider’s web was caught before it was accidentally run into or ruined, V. You captured this beautifully!
    I love the way you displayed in your photograph the exotic bird. I especially enjoyed how the young wait their turn and go to the back of the line for more. So adorable a picture you wove!
    I enjoy the lime tree and can picture its lovely citrusy smell and the garlic grows here, along with wild onions which you can smell their odor and I do enjoy their aroma. 🙂

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  3. I have never seen a Huppe before, and indeed the young do exemplify civilized behavior. Beautiful spider web. Just a lovely post and I thank you for sharing it. 📮

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  4. Hello, thanks for commenting on my Face photos. It was great to find your blog – a fellow grandmother and lover of France! I love France almost as much as Greece. We live on a boat in Greece, we sailed it out from UK via the French canals and waterways. We are currently back in UK but returning to the boat next week, when I shall start my blog properly and write about our travels.
    Your photos are wonderful, you must see so many interesting things, living where you do. I look forward to following your adventures.

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    1. Thanks for your reply and lovely comment. You must have a wonderful life. A friend of ours lives a part of the year on his boat in the Canaries. His dream. I shall look for your travel blogs.

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      1. You are very talented and I always enjoy your art as it combines photos and poetry/prose, my favorite combination. I sometimes have to fight for time to read other people’s beautiful creations such as yours, because of my work schedule but know that your posts are on my top ten list of favorites.

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