Rues et Ruelles : Streets and Alleys

The village has not changed that much since 1265, when she was founded by Éléanor de Provence, Queen consort of Henry III of England, also Duke of Aquitaine, in south west France.

monsegur again, poppies, 085

The escarpment on which she was built, and the fortified walls still enclose her to one side, while offering views over the Dropt river, and valley. But the towered gateways have disappeared, and the straight roads are now paved, and lined with cars.

star, monsegur,rosesdoor,swallows, 100

The wood timbered market hall has been replaced by a magnificent nineteenth century cast iron and glass structure. But the arched arcades still run around the squares perimeter, and are still busy with merchants and customers.

star, monsegur,rosesdoor,swallows, 109

The Hotel de Ville occupies the same place on the square, proudly protecting the ‘Esclapot Charter’, a precious document detailing the architectural plans, and building regulations of the new village.

The tall Church dominates a corner near the square, although never as important as commerce, continues her duty to ring hourly, for evening Angélus, and Sunday Mass.

monsegur again, poppies, 017

The alleys sculpt corners between streets and houses, where cats loiter, flowers grow in pots, and open doors and windows cast light into dark back rooms.

The safe mount, from the latin Mons securus, or Monségur to the inhabitants, is an old soul, surviving the times with character and charm. A Bastide (fortified) village of streets and alleys for everyone to explore.

19 thoughts on “Rues et Ruelles : Streets and Alleys

  1. I love old French towns with little streets. This reminds me so much of Beaucaire, a French canal town near Arles. We spent the winter there on our boat, on our way to Greece. It had old narrow streets, lots of churches, a market square, a river and canal. It was lovely.

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  2. Hi Sue, are you thinking of Castél de Montsegur in the very south? If so, that a place we’d love to visit too. But this Monségur is in Gironde. It’s confusing because there are several towns built on ‘Safe Mounts’.


  3. I like jillys2016 comment…how true, and poetic! Your photography and poetry are delightful, and I am now following your blog, and would like to re-blog to my blog. (Blog being the operative word there…haha.)

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  4. I think this town and the lovely photos you took were so special, V. The alley shot is dreamy. Your words are beautiful, including “corners sculpted,” “cats loitering” and flower pots. 🙂 Your commenter saying she closes her eyes was true, V. I agree, painting picture with your word is a talent you demonstrate.

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  5. Thankyou, your comment is beautiful and flattering. By the way, this is our local town for shopping, banking and socialising, so you can imagine us walking these streets and alleys, and sitting outside this café. A frequent activity!


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