Where the Roses grow

Everyone must love Roses, for they grow everywhere; in villages, gardens and even vineyards..

Our very own Rose bush is tall and round. She has a thick trunk and a broken branch, but she produces a spectacular show of thousands of pink Roses every summer. Maybe it has something to do with the old pigsty nearby..


Bringing colour in the village..

windmills, St genis de bois, church bell,village flueri 076

Rambling in a back garden..

Blooming alongside the river Dropt, where the old watermill stands..


And there are still a few old vineyards where we see evidence of a former custom, which was to plant a Rose bush at the end of each row of vines. It looks very pretty, but in fact served an essential cause. Being susceptible to mildew, the Rose gave an early warning of the disease in the vineyard, so prompting the viticulturer to act quickly, and protect the vine with a copper treatment.

vine roses

Rose sonnet

 I wander aimlessly
through monochrome
when suddenly I glimpse
a fiery glow,

Your light penetrates
in burning stimuli
your warming rays to me
a path is drawn,

To touch compels me
closer to your satin petals
feels like soft skin,

My face bends o’r yours
nuances of fruit orchards
inhaled pleasures mine.

rocamadour trip, well flowers, 006

16 thoughts on “Where the Roses grow

    1. If prairie roses are similar to europes wild(dog) rose then I love them too. I used to consider them my favourite rose. now I love the old scented roses because they seem fewer and fewer. Thanks.

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