Potters Market

The Potter

The elements of nature and literature inspire me. I am compelled to perpetual study of attitude and movement in life forms. My imagination extends through my fingers, or the tool in my hand, which molds the medium. Tints of tree bark, lost feathers and lichen, colour and deepen my mood. And my spirit breathes life into my creation. My universe takes shape and gives birth. I am the Potter.

potter and children 002

Castelmoron d’Albret is the prettiest village for a Potters Market each June.

Pottery next door to the Pottery shop.
Pottery next door to the Pottery shop.
Pottery in the Park.
Pottery in the Park.
Pottery workshop for children.
Pottery workshop for children.
Under the Market hall.
Pottery under the Market hall.

Potterie fayre 010

Poterie d’Albret is the only business in this small village, and the Potter is the man responsible for organising Le Marché des Potiers, bringing ceramists together to expose, and customers to enjoy and buy.

22 thoughts on “Potters Market

  1. I like art made by artisans who make individual pieces of art. A potter friend of mine sells her wares at our Farmer’s market every Saturday am. I finally chose a pretty vase which I will feature on my blog soon. Veronica, your beautiful story of how it feels to create through the hands of the potter meant a lot to me!

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      1. Thank you for the beautiful post about the potter, how he organized the other ceramicists, which demonstrates a generous and kind personality, Veronica. Showed my 87 year old mother dome pictures from your blog. She regrets her not seeing French countryside but mainly just the cities, while traveling for two weeks and rushed tourist trip through so many countries.
        Hugs from both of us to you, dear. ❤

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      2. It must have been frustrating for your Mom to not be able to really take in each country, as she travelled, but I hope she has some lovely memories and favourite sights. She must have seen much more of Europe than I ever will. Thankyou for your hugs, bisous for you. xx

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      3. Veronica, I posted yesterday (Sunday here) and included a link back to your potter story. Just thought you might like to see the case my friend made,her name is Marty.
        Yes, you are so right, V. It would have been a whirlwind tour for my Mom. Thank you for hoping she enjoyed each country. xo

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      4. Bonjour Robin, thanks for your message, and for linking my post to yours. I’ve read your post and have seen your friends beautiful vase. I had a visitor who wrote ‘Robin sent me’. Perhaps it was your potter. I do seem to be taking a break from blogging at the moment, I’m feeling a bit lazy, and have other priorities taking my time and energy. For some reason I can’t find your comment box, so am answering you here. Best wishes for August sun and some relaxation. V:)


      5. “case” was meant to be “vase” Sorry about that. 🙂 Hope you are doing well, I imagine your being quite busy with the vineyards, but it would be nice if you were on vacation. ❤

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  2. ‘And my spirit breathes life into my creation. My universe takes shape and gives birth. I am the Potter.’….. What a beautiful line! You’ve described it so poetically! Wonderful post and lovely pictures! 🙂

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