Frost fields of January

Now is my breath caught
in beauty of crisp frost fields
a frozen moment.


I love those mornings,
when the world
is white, and
frost sticks tight,
sparkling ice,
hoofprints light of
fleeting deer,
and flitting birds
in bare branches.



I’m waiting impatiently for the new lambs. I thought they’d be born already, but the ewes still carry their bundles. For months I have watched a lamb protruding uncomfortably from her mother’s side. So, I wonder if she’ll have triplets!

14 thoughts on “Frost fields of January

  1. One of my favourite first moments here in Cantal was a (French) friend telling me solemnly that we don’t have sheep in the Cantal because the grass is not good enough for them …. 200 yards from his house is a field of sheep which prompts us always to remark when passing fields of sheep locally that we must have unwittingly driven out of Cantal because we know there are no sheep there! Anyway, ramble over – I do hope those poor laden ewes birth their babies soon and I do look forward to hearing how many they actually bear!

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  2. I so love frost and the misty, filmy morning appearance of things. The edges softened by it. Your words including “hooves light of feet” leaving icy prints were beautiful, V. The mother sheep with her lumpy side makes me ache with her. Hoping babies are all safe and come out living.
    Take care, dear. ~Robin xo

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