Les Abeilles de Rimons : The bees of Rimons

See there, beside white Lily floating,
Under scented shade of Arcacia bloom,
Lies the citadel of les Abeilles;
And within these walls, with industrious duty,
Les Abeilles sacrifice for Queen and young,
Alchemic transforming of flowers divine.


Watch how les Abeilles bustle in blossom,
Forage deep within fine Chestnut forest,
Labour lucidly midst camphoric Lavender,
And resolutely gather from Rosemarys flower.

Then ask Les Abeilles,
“Will you share with us your harvest?
Not too much, yet just enough,
Of liquid gold, Gods gift of nature,
Sweet fragrant taste of summertime,
And in return we promise you,
Honour, and love, and protection too”.

Family snapshot.
Family snapshot.

Lavender summer : July

Lavender summer has arrived, and how I love to see my favourite visitors. I enjoy watching their excitable activity before gathering flowerheads to make fragrant lavender sachets for my own wardrobe..

The most beautiful of all, is the rare Tiger swallowtail. Sometimes in a couple, often alone, he or she visits our garden especially for lavender nectar.

The Humming bird moth is a beautiful, and skilful flying insect who suckles nectar without landing on the flower. Many spend their summer days flitting from one lavender flower to another.

From beehive to lavender bloom
our Honey bees need not travel far.

And then; small wild bees, blue carpenter bees, orange jacketed , and striped bumble bees! How could we survive without them? And how dull the garden would be.

NB I have difficulty identifying this swallowtail accurately. Possibly it is a Zebra swallowtail.