Les Abeilles de Rimons : The bees of Rimons

See there, beside white Lily floating,
Under scented shade of Arcacia bloom,
Lies the citadel of les Abeilles;
And within these walls, with industrious duty,
Les Abeilles sacrifice for Queen and young,
Alchemic transforming of flowers divine.


Watch how les Abeilles bustle in blossom,
Forage deep within fine Chestnut forest,
Labour lucidly midst camphoric Lavender,
And resolutely gather from Rosemarys flower.

Then ask Les Abeilles,
“Will you share with us your harvest?
Not too much, yet just enough,
Of liquid gold, Gods gift of nature,
Sweet fragrant taste of summertime,
And in return we promise you,
Honour, and love, and protection too”.

Family snapshot.
Family snapshot.

Blossom time

Fruity fragrance fills the air

as snowfall of spring blossom

softly drops on fresh green foil.


Thoughts of today.

If this were my last day, what would I do?

   Live in each moment with earnest,

Fill lungs with sweet breath abursting,

Stretch eyes yonder horizon,

And magnify the minute,

Open ears to birdsong and raindrops,

Tingle tastebuds with thyme and tangerine,

Tenderly touch love’s soft skin,

Flit through album, from infant to grandma,

of birthdays and banquets,

Heed the quiet voice that speaks of regret,

yet forgives and forgets,

Still asking those questions for meanings,

If this were your last day, tomorrow your first,

What would you do?