A village in Wisteria

I walked awhile through a village in Wisteria..

Wisteria vine,
climbs and captures,
pieces of pastel purple sky,

there a village drenched,
in Heavenly tranquility,
and fragrance,
a promise of Summer,
just around the corner.

A kiss before the entrance door.

Waiting at the letterbox.

Leaning next to the barn.

Opening the gate.

Embracing the water well.

The Wisteria vine seems well suited to the April climate, and clearly a favourite plant, as she decorates buildings and villages, in pastel purple, throughout south-west France. I quite like her too!


Autumn evening : october

Silhouette sculptures in
metallic tones shimmer,
gracing an autumn garden
with natures creations.

Seeds soon settle
in soft, warm soil
to sleep silently,
til spring.

Even’ tide talk,
what’s been,
‘morrows tasks,
and journeys…