March : Signs of light returning

Glimpses of receding dark,
as blush pink blooms,
each fresh and pale,
softly speaks perfection,
returning light of peace.

hen on sheep, jessica 031

A rare wild Narcissus hides in the glade,
wafting scent, deep and green,
pure sunburst presence.

hen on sheep, jessica 014

Senses are startled by citrus splash, and warm smells,
Mimosa reminds us, that Sun marches toward us.

periwinkle, farm ruin 074


20 thoughts on “March : Signs of light returning

  1. These are just beautiful! I’m looking forward to the fruit tree blossoms coming out soon. Do you know what kind those are in your first shot? Are they the plums that you’ve written about before?

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      1. Ahh, that makes sense. I was going to guess cherries but I remembered that you had written about plums also. Almonds, cherries and peaches are in the same family, so I can see how maybe I would think their flowers would look similar. Very pretty!

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  2. V, I referred a woman named Osyth to come and visit here. She loves France and is now living in New England, U.S. of A. She misses the countryside so I mentioned your vineyards, your horse you gave up to a neighbor, your husband or partner and dog, sitting by a fireplace and other quaint memories that touch my heart when I think of your posts. Love, Robin

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    1. That’s so nice of you. I’ll look for your friend. Sadly, Argan, our dog died several weeks ago suddenly with an infection. However, Ushita, the pony is very well, and we visit her often these days. Best wishes.


    1. That’s nice to know. I lived two years in Haute Savoie, behind Thonon les Bains. When looking through the kitchen window of my mother in law home, I used to see the Jura mountains clearly. We visited a little one day. My husband always loved the Jura and would have liked to live there. Thanks.


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